Geofencing and Alerts

You can receive an alert  when a user carrying a monitored Android device enters or leaves a geofenced area.  The steps to creating a geofence alert are:

  1. Defining the geofence.
  2. Request an Alert Email on the Geofencing Policy page and add at least one email operator.
  3. In an Android agent policy, include the geofence. 

1. Define a geofence

First, create one or more geofences in Alerts & Policies | Geofencing. Create as many as you like, for different purposes. Only the geofences added to an Android agent policy will trigger an alert.

2. Select Alert Email and add an operator2. Select Alert Email and add an operator

On the Geofencing policy page, press Alert Email at the top of the page. The following panel appears. If there are "operators" listed, the alert email will be sent to all of them.

To add an operator, click Add Operator and fill in the form.

  • Name - The person's name.
  • Description - Any text to describe this operator.
  • Email - The operator's email address.

Click Done to save the operator or Cancel to discard the entry. Operators defined here are added to your Alert Email Operators list.  To remove an operator click the X next to the operator's name in the . The operator is returned to the "Add" selection list.

Click Save to save your "Geofencing Alert Operators." You can update the operators at any time.

3. Apply the geofence in an agent policy3. Apply the geofence in an agent policy

Add or edit an Android policy. Select the Location tab and select the geofences to watch.

An alert will be triggered automatically when a device enters or leaves ANY geofence applied in a policy.  So you could create dozens of fences, but apply only three in a policy for one set of devices, two in a policy for another set of devices, and so on. For example:

  • Suppose you define 10 Geofences.
  • In the agent policy  "Android General Sales," you apply 3 geofences: Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas.
    Devices with the Android General Sales policy will trigger alerts on these 3 geofences.
  • In the agent policy "Android Florida Territories," you apply 4 geofences:
    Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.
    Devices with the Android Florida Territories policy can trigger alerts on these 4 geofences.

Receive the alert emailReceive the alert email

The alert email includes the name of the policy ("Android Sales"), the device/user who crossed a geofence applied in the policy, the geofence crossed, and the time.  

NOTE: In this version, ALL operators receive email for ALL applied geofencing alerts.


Updated: 02/14/2023   381