A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. When a geofence is active (defined and assigned to the Agent Policy), the agent can detect when the device enters or leaves geofenced area. The data returned tells you how often and when the person carrying the device entered or left the geofenced area. No initial geofencing is defined; you need to find an area on the map and add a geofence to begin.

Navigating on the map

Find the area where you want to set a geofence by using standard map tools.

  • Zoom In/Out -  Click the +  and -   buttons at the bottom of the map to zoom in or out. You can zoom out to a complete world view or in to a detailed street view.
  • Hand cursor - Click and drag to re-position the map.  Click on a city or other destination icon to get its address.
  • Map/Satellite - Switch between standard map and photographic views.
  • Street View - Click on and drag the orange figure to a location on the map for a street view. Use the back-arrow that appears over the street view to return to the map. You cannot add a geofence while in street view.

Add a geofence

  1. Click the Add Geofence button.  The cursor takes a + (plus) shape.
  2. Click once on the map to place the green geofence circle, or click and drag to place and size a geofence circle.
  3. The geofence Latitude, Longitude, and Radius details automatically appear in the right pane.
  4. Type in a Name and Description. The name will appear in the Recording Policy Geofence selection list, so make sure it's clear.  
  5. To save the geofence, click the blue Save button.

Remove a geofence

  1. Check the checkbox next to the geofence name.
    If the geofence hasn't been saved, there is no checkbox. Just click the X to the right of the longitude detail to close the details to display a checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove Geofence button.
    All checked items are removed.

Use the checkbox next to the Geofence column heading to remove ALL fences.

Modify a geofence

To change a geofence name or description, press the row to expand its details, click the Edit button, and then type over the field you want to change.

 Click the blue Save button to save your changes.

To move a fence, when the fence is displayed on the map, click and hold the center point. When the fist cursor appears, drag the circle to the location you want. Changes are automatically saved in the geofence details.

To resize a fence,  when the fence is displayed on the map, click and hold an edge point. When the cross arrows cursor appears, drag the edge of the circle outward or inward. Changes are automatically saved in the geofence details.


To undo changes to the geofence, click the return symbol in the callout.

Enable a geofencing alert

For more detail follow the links below.

  1. Select Alert Email on the top bar and add at least one email operator.
  2. In the Android recording profile, use Add a Geofence to select the fence you want to alert on.


Updated: 11/03/2021   380