How to Exclude Files in Antivirus Software

Some antivirus programs will treat Veriato as "spyware."  These programs quarantine and remove files as they are downloaded and installed, and again during a system scan. You may be prevented from even installing a Veriato Investigator evaluation! In addition, a person using a computer monitored by a Veriato Recorder may be alerted that a "Threat" was found.

To make sure your Veriato product stays installed and working in stealth, take steps to "whitelist" or exclude Veriato on all computers where it will be installed. Follow these steps:

1. Identify active antivirus

2. Disable unnecessary antivirus

3. Set exclusions for the Veriato Investigator Server and Recorder

1. Identify active antivirus

You can usually find which programs are active from the Windows taskbar icons. If you use a managed, network-wide antivirus solution, you will set exclusions in the policy that applies to the computers where you are installing the Veriato Investigator and the Veriato Recorder.

2. Disable unnecessary antivirus

Many Windows systems are configured with a Microsoft Windows product that performs scans by default. If you do not rely on these programs to for antivirus protection, simply disable them. Be sure to disable them on endpoint computers before deploying the Recorder. If you do rely on the provided Microsoft solutions, add the Veriato Server and/or client files (as appropriate) to the local antivirus exclusions.  

3. Set exclusions for the Veriato Investigator Server and Recorder

Follow the general instructions in this guide for excluding folders, files, and/or risks in your particular antivirus solution. Use copy and paste to exclude the list of Server and Recorder files provided for your version of the product. If your antivirus is currently detected Veriato as a threat, we recommend trying the Veriato Setup on a VM so that you can test your exclusions following setup, and if necessary, rollback the VM and try the setup again.

Contact Veriato Technical Support if you have difficulty.

AVG Business (Avast)


ESET Internet Security  

Kaspersky Internet Security or Anti-Virus  


McAfee Endpoint Security

Microsoft Windows Defender

Sophos Endpoint

Symantec Endpoint Central Exceptions

Symantec Unmanaged Client

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

Vipre AntiVirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere

If your security product accepts digital certificates as an exclusion mechanism, contact Veriato Support to obtain those certificates for your Veriato product to augment file and folder exclusions.

Updated 04/20/2021

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