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How do I prevent Microsoft Windows Defender from detecting Veriato Investigator?


Before you run the Veriato Investigator Setup program, disable all antivirus scanning at the computer. Add the Veriato Investigator folder displayed during installation to the exclusions used by this antivirus software, as described below.

For instructions that apply to Windows Vista, click here.

For instructions that apply to Windows 8 or 10, click here.

Disable Windows Defender

1.     Open Windows Defender.

If you have System 7, click the Windows Start button. In the search box, type Defender, and in the list of results, click Windows Defender.

If you have Windows XP, open the Windows Start menu, select All Programs and look for Windows Defender.

2.     In Windows Defender, click on Tools and then Options.

3.  Select Real-time protection.

Uncheck Use real-time protection. Click Save.

Install Veriato Investigator

If you are installing the Veriato Investigator servers, run the setup with scanning disabled. A link to the server filenames will be displayed during the setup, and you can pause (leaving the setup window open) to add these files to the local computer's antivirus whitelist.

Before you continue, display the files and set antivirus exceptions

If you plan to install a Veriato Investigator client on a computer where this antivirus is installed, be sure to whitelist the client setup files and installed folder BEFORE proceeding with client installation.

The installed client folder name can be set in the Recording Profile, in General Options | Client Options.

Exclude files from Windows Defender scanning

1.     Open Windows Defender from the Start menu or by right-clicking the defender icon in the System Tray and selecting Open.

2.     Click on Tools and then Options (see above).

3.     Select Excluded Files and Folders. Click Add.

4.     Use the "Browse for" box to navigate to and select the Veriato Investigator folder. Click OK to add it to the list. For Veriato Investigator server exclusions, add each folder in the "Server Folders and Files" document. For client exclusions, add the "Client Recorder" folder to the Windows Defender installation  at each client computer.

Note: The file names shown in these illustrations may be different from those you need to exclude.

5.   Click Save at the bottom of the window.

6.   Select Real-time protection in the left column, check to re-enable Use real-time protection, Save the change and exit.

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