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How can I prevent Veriato Investigator from being scanned and detected by Norton AntiVirus? 


To make sure scanning will not detect Veriato Investigator , in the Norton control panel exclude the Veriato Investigator folder.  This ensures Veriato Investigator will not be revealed or removed from the computer you wish to monitor.

Disable Norton Antivirus while running the setup

1.     Right-click on the Norton program icon in the Windows system tray (at the bottom of the Windows desktop). Select Disable Antivirus Auto-protect.


3.     A Security Request box opens. Under Select the duration, open the drop-down menu and choose permanently. You will re-enable AntiVirus Auto-Protect after installing Veriato Investigator and configuring Norton to exclude Veriato Investigator.


Install Veriato Investigator

If you are installing the Veriato Investigator servers, run the setup with scanning disabled. A link to the server filenames will be displayed during the setup, and you can pause (leaving the setup window open) to add these files to the local computer's antivirus whitelist.

Before you continue, display the files and set antivirus exceptions

If you plan to install a Veriato Investigator client on a computer where this antivirus is installed, be sure to whitelist the client setup files and installed folder BEFORE proceeding with client installation.

The installed client folder name can be set in the Recording Profile, in General Options | Client Options.

Exclude items from Norton AntiVirus scanning

1.     Open Norton AntiVirus. From the commands at the top of the control panel, select Settings. The Settings window opens.


2.     Select or scroll down to the “Antivirus and SONAR Exclusions” section. You will configure all three lists in this section. Next to “Items to Exclude from Scans,” select Configure [+]. A Scan Exclusions box appears.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 (show screen)

Norton AntiVirus 2011 (show screen)

3.     Under the “Scan Exclusions” list, click the Add button to open an Add Item dialog box. This is where you need the list of Veriato Investigator files installed on the computer. You will add each file, one at a time.


4.     In the Add Item dialog box, copy and paste or browse to and select the Veriato Investigator folder. Click OK to add the item to the Scan Exclusions list.  

Note: The file names shown in these illustrations may be different from those you need to exclude.


5.     When the Scan Exclusions list is complete, click Apply and OK to save and close the list.

6.     In the Settings box next to Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect and SONAR, click Configure [+]. Make the same exclusions here. Click Apply and OK to save it and return to the Settings window.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 (show screen)

Norton AntiVirus 2011 (show screen)

Final steps


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