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Spyware Doctor is installed on the computer where I want to install Veriato Investigator. How do I prevent Spyware Doctor from detecting and/or quarantining Veriato Investigator files?


Before you run the Veriato Investigator Setup program, disable all antivirus scanning at the computer. Add the Veriato Investigator folder displayed during installation to the exclusions used by this antivirus software, as described below.

NOTE: Watch for the option to display the installed filenames. Add the files to the whitelist for any antivirus software installed on this computer.

Deactivate Spyware Doctor while running the setup

1.     Open Spyware Doctor and click on IntelliGuard.

2.     Select Click to deactivate IntelliGuard.

Install Veriato Investigator

If you are installing the Veriato Investigator servers, run the setup with scanning disabled. A link to the server filenames will be displayed during the setup, and you can pause (leaving the setup window open) to add these files to the local computer's antivirus whitelist.

Before you continue, display the files and set antivirus exceptions

If you plan to install a Veriato Investigator client on a computer where this antivirus is installed, be sure to whitelist the client setup files and installed folder BEFORE proceeding with client installation.

The installed client folder name can be set in the Recording Profile, in General Options | Client Options.

Add Veriato Investigator files to the whitelist

At the computer where Spyware Doctor and Veriato Investigator are installed:

1.     Open Spyware Doctor.  

2.     Select Settings and Global Action List. Click the Add button in the right pane.

3.     A New Rule box opens. Select the data type File on disk. In the second field, name the file to “allow” by typing or pasting the complete file path and name of the first file. Select Always allow to allow this file during Spyware Doctor scans.  Click Add.  

4.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 above for each Veriato Investigator file.

5.     Re-activate IntelliGuard scanning at the computer.

Final steps



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